About us

Our company is engaged in the supply of building and finishing materials.

The list of supplied products is extensive and includes:

* lumber, molded products;

* black and galvanized metal;

* roofing and facade materials;

* wood-based products (osb-3, plywood, chipboard, HDF);

* heaters, insulating materials;

* drywall, accessories;

* cement, building blocks;

The range of the company is constantly increasing so that any client can purchase the entire list of building and finishing materials in one place at an affordable price.

Possession of our own raw materials and production base in some areas (lumber, roofing and facade materials) allows us to control the quality and timing of production. In other areas, we work directly with manufacturers, again to quickly control the quality of products and establish competitive prices for our customers.


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    Sale of polycarbonate is the main activity of our company

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    Thermal insulation is one of the mandatory stages in construction and repair.

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Pickering St, Armley, Leeds LS12 2QG, United Kingdom